Lesley Tannen
Lesley Tannen Pastels Plus for Small Spaces

Lesley Tannen

Lesley Tannen: Artist Background


BC artist Lesley Tannen paints a broad range of subjects in pastel and mixed media because 'life provides and endless supply of ideas'.

She progressed from graphite to watercolour and oils to pastels. It turns out that everything old IS new again.

Pastels, or chalks, were used in the time of De Vinci. They came back into favour in the time of Degas and other Impressionists.

Pastels have evolved tremendously into a very flexible medium that combine will with other media or simply be enjoyed on their own.


Tannen has been influenced by contemporary pastel artists, including Richard McKinley and Ellen Eagle, as well as artists Andrew Wyeth and Juliette Aristides.

She feels that... 'pastel is an inspiring way to turn pure pigment into evocative, visual reflections and meditations of life and thought.'


Lesley has lived in many BC communities and in 2023 she moved to Harrison Hot Springs. She is looking forward to a new view of life, which is where her inspiration for art comes from.